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Invest in the Future of Health Law

Look around at the problems we face as a community and world. They call for the kind of individuals who are members of AHLA. Our donations support all the things we love most about our profession.

AHLA's Philanthropic Priorities

Talent Pipeline Support
Supporting a robust talent pipeline across a broad and diverse section of health law professionals, leading the way for future leaders, speakers, and authors to make a difference through serving their clients and organizations.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Providing resources and training to leaders and members to ensure all levels of AHLA are representative of the diverse membership we serve.
Robust Professional Development
Improving skills and building credentials for health law professionals to improve productivity, foster business and legal expertise, and fortify their value in the eyes of employers, peers, professional colleagues, and clients.

The Need

The legal landscape of health care is changing rapidly, which calls for a well-qualified next generation of health law professionals.

The legal landscape of health care is changing rapidly. New players; new models; new kinds of partnerships and mergers. Changes in technology; changes in delivery; changes in consumer expectations. We are in an era of unexpected challenges, but also a time of unprecedented growth and opportunity. AHLA is also at a turning point. As health law has become more specialized, competitive, and complex, AHLA’s focus on educating and connecting the health law community is more vital than ever before.

No matter the changes our profession must navigate, AHLA is committed to educating and enriching the health law profession and health care industry, empowering leaders to shape the future. Excellence in health care starts with excellence in health law. That’s why we are exploring new avenues of growth and evolution that will enable us to better support members and address the changing needs of the profession.
Through the ongoing support and participation of our members, AHLA already provides superior resources and programs: our Annual Meeting, Practice Groups, high-quality in-person programs, Distance Learning offerings, and timely publications. However, for AHLA to go above and beyond the offerings supported by membership, we must grow philanthropic investment above and beyond membership dues.

At the culmination of our strategic planning process and with the active participation of our Board of Directors, we have crafted the areas of philanthropic investment: talent pipeline support, robust professional development, and diversity and inclusion.

AHLA's Mission Statement

Provide a collegial forum for interaction and information exchange to enable its members to serve their clients more effectively; to produce the highest quality non-partisan educational programs, products, and services concerning health law issues; and to serve as a public resource on selected healthcare legal issues.