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AHLA offers many ways for you to connect with your colleagues and health law leaders through social media. Join a discussion or get the latest health law news and analysis sent right to your smartphone, tablet, or computer by following AHLA on your favorite social media platform:


AHLA Official Hashtags

Use our official hashtags to call out groups, subject matter, etc. and we will do the same. We will monitor these hashtags to better engage with our followers and pull relevant posts into various feeds.


  • #AHLAAMCTHXX for Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Institute
  • #AHLAPhysHospXX for Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute
  • #AHLALTCXX for Long Term Care and the Law
  • #AHLAArbitrationXX for Health Care Arbitration Training
  • #AHLAMedicareMedicaidXX for Institute on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Issues
  • #AHLATransactionsXX for Health Care Transactions
  • #AHLAAntitrustXX for Health Care Antitrust: Meeting the Challenge
  • #AHLAInHouseXX for In-House Counsel Program
  • #AHLAannualXX for Annual Meeting
  • #AHLAFraudCompXX for Fraud & Compliance Forum
  • #AHLATaxIssuesXX for Tax Issues For Health Care Organizations
  • #AHLAHeathPlanXX for Institute for Health Plan Counsel
  • #AHLAFundamentalsXX for Fundamentals of Health Law
  • #HealthLawWeek for Health Law Week

Note: XX designates the year


  • #antitrust for Antitrust
  • #behavioralhealth for Behavioral Health
  • #disputeresolution for Dispute Resolution
  • #fraudandabuse for Fraud and Abuse
  • #governance for Governance
  • #govtreimbursement for Government Reimbursement
  • #healthadmin for Health Administration and Policy
  • #deliverymodels for Health Care Delivery Models
  • #transactions for Health Care Finance and Transactions
  • #healthinformation for Health Information
  • #healthinsurance for Health Insurance
  • #labor for Labor and Employment
  • #lifesciences for Life Sciences
  • #longtermcare for Long Term Care
  • #medstaff for Medical Staff, Credentialing, & Peer Review
  • #patientcare for Patient Care Liability and Litigation
  • #tax for Tax and Nonprofit


  • #AccessibilityInHealthLaw for Accessibility in Health Law
  • #AHLAconnections for AHLA's Health Law Connections
  • #AHLAdaily for AHLA's Health and Life Sciences Daily 
  • #AHLAjournal for AHLA's Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law
  • #AHLApodcast for Podcasts 
  • #AHLAwebinar for Webinars 
  • #AHLAweekly for AHLA's Health Law Weekly  
  • BIPOCinHealthLaw for BIOPOC in Health Law
  • #ComplianceNetwork for Compliance Professionals Network
  • #FellowsNetwork for Fellows Network 
  • #FastFairFinal for Dispute Resolution Service 
  • #LGBTQ+InHealth Law for LGBTQ+ In Health Law
  • #neutrals for Dispute Resolution Service Neutrals 
  • #volunteers for Volunteerism
  • #WomensinHealthLaw for Women in Health Law
  • #EarlyCareerProfessionals for Early Career Professionals

Social Media Policy

In principle and in practice, AHLA values and seeks to advance and promote diverse and inclusive participation within the Association regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, or disability. Guided by these values, the Association strongly encourages and embraces participation of diverse individuals through its social media channels and encourages a free exchange of dialogue but reserves the right to edit or remove content posted on any of its social media pages under the following criteria.

AHLA will request revisions and/or will remove:

  • User advertisements or solicitations without prior permission from AHLA
  • Content that uses vulgar language, is violent, threatening, defamatory, fraudulent, obscene or deceptive and/or espouses, promotes or invites bigotry, hatred or racism
  • Paid space advertisements
  • Content that could be seen in conflict with AHLA’s diversity and inclusion values stated above
  • Content seeking specific legal advice
  • Content including personal messages, private discussions, or political activity
  • Content that is off-topic, out of context, or is promotional/commercial in nature (marketing, sales, promotional materials, job recruitment opportunities, etc.)
  • Content tied to spamming, flaming, or denial of service attacks
  • Content from a fake or anonymous profile
  • Content that includes personal and/or non-public information about an AHLA member, partner, or employee through negative statements or other means
  • Content that is from a copyrighted work
  • Content that contains images, including profile avatars, that is deemed as sexually explicit, cruel, or racists in nature, or which is otherwise deemed by AHLA to be inappropriate

Repeat offenders will be removed from all AHLA social media channels, regardless of which channel the offense took place. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].