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Frequently Asked Questions - Website & Member Portal


When did the website change?
On March 17, 2020 the website and member portal were upgraded to better serve our members.

When I log in, the home page changes - did I do something wrong?
No. Because we know more about you once you log in, we are tailoring different sections of the website to you!

  • Practice Groups - the area directly under the main menu will display your current Practice Groups for quick access to your Topical Libraries.
  • Upcoming Events - directly under the Practice Groups will display any upcoming events you registered for so you have quick access to plan your travel, get to meeting materials, etc.
  • News and Analysis - like the Events and Education section, this too will pull content more tailored to your intersts.
  • Events and Education - we will initially apply filters based on your Practice Groups and Content Preferences so you see the available events and education more aligned with your interests right on the home page, without having to search for it. You can always adjust the filters to broaden the search for that session or change your Content Preferences in your myAHLA portal to adjust them for all future sessions. 

You will also see other areas of the website that display related content tailored to your interests or tailored to the content you are reading on the page. We want to make your web experience a more personal experience so you spend less time searching/navigating and more time digesting our rich and high-quality content. 

How do I search the Health Law Archive?
We have folded the Health Law Archive into the new website so you do not have to log into the Archive separately or re-key your search terms into the Health Law Archive. Simply start a search at the top of any page of the website.  When the results return, you will see a Health Law Archive tab - click on the tab to view the Health Law Archive results. As long as you are logged into the website and have access to the Archive through your membership tier or subscription, you can click through to any document within the Archive.

What if I can't find what I'm looking for?
We are here to help! Send us a note via our Contact Form and we will help you find the resources you are looking for. 

Member Portal

What all can I do in the member portal?
The member portal is a robust self-service portal where you can accomplish most of the same things as calling into our offices. Areas of the portal include:

  • My Account:
    • My Profile - View and edit your contact profile that allows other members to find you in the Member Directory. Also, you can provide demographic information about yourself, reset your password, and change your username. 
    • My Membership - View your membership status and all components of your membership, including enrolled Practice Groups. Renew when your membership term nears its end or rejoin if your membership has lapsed.
    • My Invoices - View and pay the outstanding invoices and see a full listing of your past invoices.
    • My Education Center - Our Learning Management System (LMS) where you can find all the educational content AHLA has to offer including Live Webinars, OnDemand Webinars, Educational Calls, In-Person and Virtual Programs, ePrograms, Podcasts, AHLA 101 Courses, Knowledge Works, and AHLA LexisNexis Books & eBooks. You also have access to your transcript and all of the continuing education credits you've received. 
    • My Continuing Education - View your past continuing education certificates here for all in-person and virtual programs prior to August 2021. Anything from September 2021 forward is in the My Education Center.
    • My Licenses - Update your license information to ensure correct continuing education reporting.
    • My Registrations - View a listing of your event registrations, including link to related program materials.
    • My Communication Preferences - Link out to manage your email subscriptions and health law content preferences that allow us to better tailor content within each email we send
    • My Communities - Adjust your community enrollments and link out to your notifications on the Community portal to change the frequency for each community. 
    • My Donations - View past donations towards our three philanthropic priorities: Talent Pipeline Support, Diversity and Inclusion, and Innovative Professional Development. 
    • My Speaker Profile - As you begin to volunteer and get involved in speaking on our webinars and at our programs, you can easily view your speaking history and evaluation results. 
  • Membership - Join or Renew your membership with AHLA. 
  • Directories:
  • Events - view and register for our upcoming programs.
  • Education Center - Search our catalog of live webinars, in-person/virtual programs, CLE-ePrograms, on-demand products, podcasts, AHLA 101 Courses, Knowledge Works PDFs, and live educational calls.

How do I update my name, address, or contact information?
Go to the My Profile page to update all of your contact information. While you are there, be sure to fill out your demographic profile, so we can learn more about the diversity of our membership.

How can I obtain a copy of a receipt for my membership or purchase?
You should receive an automatic receipt when your purchase has been processed. You can also check the My Invoices page to view any receipts and print them directly.

Why do I need to create a website login account if I’m not a member?
If you have previously been a member, attended one of our programs or webinars, purchased a resource from AHLA, or subscribed to one of our topical Discussion Lists, you will already have a website login account created. Search by your email address or contact us. If this is your first time you have interacted with AHLA, you will need to create an account.