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July 10, 2020

Health Law Daily

Los Angeles City Attorney Accuses Nursing Home Of Dumping Long-Term Residents For COVID-19 Patients With Higher Reimbursements

  • July 10, 2020

The Los Angeles Times (7/9, Dolan) reports a Los Angeles city attorney argues that “the Lakeview Terrace skilled nursing facility in Los Angeles has been illegally ‘dumping’ old and disabled residents onto the street and into homes that are not equipped to care for them.” This “‘sustained’ and ‘intentional’ misconduct by Lakeview Terrace administrators comes at a time when nursing homes have an incentive to dump long-term residents, for whom they are paid little, to make room for COVID-19 patients, for whom they are paid much more... [an attorney] wrote in the lawsuit.” He added, “This creates an incentive for nursing homes to seek out residents with higher rates of reimbursement and ‘churn’ residents by any means possible.”
      The AP (7/9) also reports.