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Guidelines Specific to the Health Law Network

The purpose of AHLA’s Health Law Network is to create meaningful dialogue among members of the platform, foster discussion on substantive health law topics and areas of shared interest and build an engaged network of health law professionals.

Discussions on AHLA’s Health Law Network must be conducted in a respectful and courteous manner.  These guidelines summarize AHLA’s standards of conduct to be observed by members of the Health Law Network.


Discussion threads as described below are not permitted on any Health Law Network platform. Any member who engages in the following conduct will have their post immediately removed and their posting privileges may be moved into moderation. Repeated infractions will result in removal from the Health Law Network.

  • Hate Speech: abusive or threatening writing that expresses prejudice based on ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or similar grounds.
  • Profanity: profane words used to express anger for or against the thoughts, experiences, perspectives, or opinions of members using the platform.
  • Self-Promotion: marketing an organization, service, or furthering a personal agenda.
  • Advertisements: promoting a firm, organization, product, or offering without using the proper channels. All inquiries regarding posting advertisements on the Health Law Network should be directed to [email protected] for review and approval.
  • False Information: posting any information on the platform that is not evidence-based.

Note: Every Health Law Network member has the responsibility to report any misconduct on the platform. If you see any of the following in your feeds, please report the infraction to [email protected]


Each member of the Health Law Network has the responsibility to foster a safe environment for healthy dialogue and thought sharing. The following subjects are welcomed and encouraged on all Health Law Network Communities:  

  • Share the Platform: members are encouraged to share information about the Health Law Network with their colleagues via social media, email, and other mediums.  
  • Be an Ambassador of Collegiality: offer positive feedback, share resources, and give inspiring comments on discussion threads.
  • Pose a Question: identify an issue, describe a problem, or ask for input and invite others to answer and provide input.
  • Provide Expertise and Perspective: assist member-colleagues as they work to address a health law issue for their clients, want to identify alternatives or options, or seek guidance about a topic or situation.
  • Post Opportunities: invite members to speak, co-write articles and publications, and apply for leadership opportunities through the Volunteer Town Square.
  • Participate in the Mentoring Program: Engage with colleagues, offer advice, and share resources with those wanting to navigate and advance their careers. 

AHLA staff will determine whether activities or discussions are improper under this policy. Participants agree to be subject to these policies via their participation in one or more platforms on the Health Law Network. Any questions, comments, or concerns should be directed to [email protected].  

AHLA Code of Conduct 

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