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Speaking of Health Law Podcasts

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Listen up! AHLA's Speaking of Health Law podcasts offer thoughtful analysis and insightful commentary on the legal and policy issues affecting the American health care system. Click below to listen to current and past episodes and subscribe to the Speaking of Health Law channel on your favorite platform:


Recent Podcasts

  • 3/27/2020 1:00:00 PM
  • AHLA Podcasts
The Lighter Side of Health Law – March 2019
  • 3/26/2020 2:00:00 PM
  • AHLA Podcasts
Telehealth and COVID-19
  • 3/25/2020 3:00:00 PM
  • AHLA Podcasts
What Facilities Need to Know About COVID-19 Waivers
  • 3/23/2020 4:00:00 PM
  • AHLA Podcasts
  • 2/26/2020 1:00:00 PM
  • AHLA Podcasts
The Lighter Side of Health Law - February 2020
  • 2/19/2020 6:00:00 PM
  • AHLA Podcasts
Launching Your Career in Health Law, Part 2
  • 2/14/2020 5:00:00 PM
  • AHLA Podcasts
Planning & Review of AHLA's 2020 AMC Conference
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