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Governance & Leadership

AHLA members share their expertise and insight through speaking, writing, volunteer service, and leadership, which contributes to the advancement of the Association’s educational mission.  

AHLA Board of Directors 

The Association is governed by a 23-member Board of Directors, which typically meets twice a year in person and several times virtually. Please see a listing of our current Board of Directors here

Practice Groups, Program Planning Committees, Special Councils, and Other Leadership Groups 

AHLA administers a yearly call for leaders for open positions in Practice Groups, Program Planning Committees, Councils, and Advisory, Editorial, and Review Boards. Members can self-nominate or nominate a colleague who is willing to serve. All applicants must complete and submit a candidate information form. Applications are evaluated using a rubric containing various criteria, including the following: 

  • Ability to motivate teams to achieve goals. 
  • Demonstrated level of volunteer service to AHLA and/or other organizations. 
  • Recognized achievements in the corresponding area of health law and/or general expertise in a specific area. 
  • Demonstrated commitment to advancing inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. 
  • Diversity that compliments the existing leadership group. 

Fellows Nominating Process 

AHLA members can self-nominate and/or recommend a colleague for consideration for the Fellows honor. To learn more, visit AHLA's Awards & Recognitions page

Interested in Leadership?  

Begin your volunteer journey by visiting the Volunteer Resource Center for information and resources about how you can become involved in the Association. Available positions are posted throughout the year on our Volunteer Town Square. Visit it regularly.  

Learn more about the Nominations and Appointment Process