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Resources for the Public

Advancing the public interest in health law education and pro bono activities is an important part of AHLA’s mission. Our targeted communication, education, and structured discussions both inform the legal, health care and policy communities, and advance dialogue about complex health law, policy and public health issues. We encourage and assist our members to utilize their experience and expertise to give back to their communities through health care related social action and charitable activities.

Become a donor today and help AHLA continue to provide various public interest activities (detailed below) at no cost to the health law community and the general public.

Health Law Hub

The Health Law Hub is designed to consolidate content from across AHLA on top current issues in health law. In some cases, the content is accessible by AHLA members only, or only to members of a particular AHLA Practice Group. In other instances, it is available to the general public. Please visit the Health Law Hub for a current listing of topics.

Convener Sessions

AHLA’s timely nonpartisan panel discussions provide a neutral forum for the frank and candid exchange of views among invited experts on health law and policy issues. These sessions promote a better understanding of current health law and issues and encourage constructive dialogue among all affected members of the industry, government, academia, and the lay community. Following the Convener, the Association often develops an educational resource for the membership, health law and policy community, and the public.

Pro Bono

In furtherance of AHLA’s public interest commitment, AHLA supports pro bono activity by its members. AHLA seeks to facilitate pro bono legal work in the health arena by highlighting collaboration and networking opportunities. Additionally, AHLA provides access to resources and educational materials for its members who provide pro bono legal work or seek opportunities to do so. These resources cover a broad array of pro bono needs, from legal assistance for individuals facing obstacles to health care access, to supporting health care related charitable organizations and major impact litigation on health care policy issues.

Distance Learning

AHLA regularly presents both live and on-demand discussions and Q&A with prominent public health organizations, such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, government officials, Congressional staff, and researchers on major public health and health policy issues primarily for the health law and policy audience. These sessions provide AHLA members, health care providers, the press, and the general public with a foundation for understanding complex policy issues.

Public Interest Resources

AHLA’s website houses an archival library of in-depth guidebooks, fact sheets, and other resources previously published for public health and emergency preparedness professionals, health care consumers and their families and loved ones, and professionals who guide and assist them. A few examples include: