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Welcome to the Member Concierge Program!

AHLA has established the Member Concierge Program to provide tailored support and service to designated contacts for Groups that have 25 or more members on a consolidated billing plan. We will help you be a resource to those who use AHLA benefits so that they can maximize their membership experience and your Group’s investment.

Your Dedicated Member Concierge

Through the Member Concierge Program you now have access to a dedicated Member Concierge who will provide personalized solutions and suggestions for increasing AHLA engagement, including professional development opportunities, and keeping up with the latest education and training in health law. While AHLA's Member Services Team will continue to handle day-to-day questions, the Member Concierge can also facilitate connection to other AHLA department and staff when needed.

Contact Jennifer Lynch, AHLA Member Concierge >>

Calendar of Events

When your employees are looking for the latest health law education with continuing education credits, AHLA has a variety of programs, webinars, and on-demand products to ensure your staff are up-to-date on the latest health law changes.

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Member Benefits

We want to make sure each of your employees takes full advantage of their member benefits. We will share engagement activity reports and work with your team to ensure each employee is in the right level of membership to meet their professional needs.  

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Practice Groups

As part of each level of membership, your employees can enroll in one to sixteen Practice Groups. Volunteer leaders in each Practice Group help produce a variety of publications, resources, and analysis that drill down into specialized and specific areas of health law to keep members at the top of their game.

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Expert author volunteers and legal staff regularly publish the latest news and analysis on all areas of health law. And with AHLA membership, your employees gain access to a variety of publications to keep them informed and ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

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Showcase Your Talent

AHLA regularly has an open call for volunteers - to write, to speak, to join our leadership ranks. Help get your team's talent highlighted across an engaged community of over 25,000 health law professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the Member Concierge Program? We have answers! Browse our frequently asked questions below to get your answers.  

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Our Member Concierge Program Participants

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If your organization is interested in joining AHLA's Member Concierge Program, please contact Jennifer English Lynch.