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Receive AHLA Email Communications

Communications Preferences

Thank you for your interest in receiving AHLA email communications. To ensure we send you only the communications you want to receive, please ensure you create a myAHLA account. After you have an established account, navigate to your Communication Preferences to choose the types of emails that you want to receive and your content preferences which will allow us to tailor the content you receive within each email subscription.

If you have any questions or trouble logging into the myAHLA portal to make adjustments, please contact our Membership Services Center at [email protected].

Ensure Delivery of AHLA Emails

Although the email software we use has a high deliverability rate, sometimes we need your help to ensure delivery of AHLA emails. If you are concerned that you are not receiving emails you subscribed to, take the following steps:

  • Review your subscriptions within the Communication Preferences portal to ensure you have subscribed to the subscriptions that contain the emails you are not receiving.
  • Add our from addresses to the address book in your email client. This will tell the inbox that it should expect to receive emails coming from these addresses. Each email client has a different process for adding addresses, so please consult your email client's help files.
    We normally email from the following:
  • Request that your IT Department whitelist our email sending domain: This will tell the email server that it should expect to receive emails from any from address containing this domain.
  • Request that your IT Department whitelist our sending IP address: and
  • Open and click links in emails you have received from us. This will help train the inbox to trust emails coming from our addresses and email sending domain.
  • Move our emails found in your spam/junk folder back to the inbox. This teaches the inbox where to place that mail in the future and helps boost our domain's sender reputation.

If you have taken these steps and still continue to have problems, please email us at [email protected] and we will try to troubleshoot further.

AHLA Health Law Daily

This email subscription is sent by our third party partner. When troubleshooting deliverability for this subscription, please also take the following measures:

  • Have your tech department add the sending IP and domain address below to your network white list: Sending IP: Range 65.220.57.[0 - 255] or CIDR and (4.79.170.[208-223] or CIDR Sending Domain:
  • Add [email protected] to your address book.
  • Ask your email admin to check to see if your emails are being caught in your global spam filters and/or being quarantined anywhere; if yes, #1 should help prevent this in the future.  SMTP response to help them locate your briefing: 2.0.0 OK 1557230168 y144si2057415qka.226 - gsmtp
  • Check your individual spam and junk folders.  If you find the briefing in here, please mark the message as “not junk” or “not spam.”
  • Review your blocked senders list, if you have one, and make sure the above address is not on this list. If it is, unblock the address.
  • Find further details on these steps at our Email Help page at

Resubscribe to AHLA Emails

If you have accidentally unsubscribed from all AHLA emails, use the form below to send yourself a resubscription email. Simply enter your email and then click the link that appears. Once you receive the email, follow the instructions contained within to resubscribe.

If you continue to have issues with email deliverability, please email us at [email protected].