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May 29, 2020   
Health Law Weekly

Health Care Risk Mitigation in the Ever-Changing COVID Landscape

  • May 29, 2020
  • E. Dale Burrus , Spencer Fane LLP
  • Lauren M. Nelson , Spencer Fane LLP

Across the country, citizens cheer nightly, the Blue Angels soar above, and communities rally together to show their appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication of our health care workers, who are viewed as heroes. They are at the frontlines battling COVID-19, which has claimed over 100,000 American lives.

COVID-19 has, and will continue to, disrupt and affect almost every aspect of life in unprecedented ways. Cities shut down, people stayed home, and businesses closed due to lockdowns and efforts to flatten the curve. Patients skipped or delayed routine health check-ups, diagnostic testing, and procedures; postponed non-emergency surgeries; and replaced in-person visits with virtual telehealth appointments.

As the dire emergency nature of the pandemic wanes, the United States is facing unemployment rates exceeding those seen during the Great Depression and divisiveness on whether to open the country or maintain COVID precautions. Inevitably, this type of climate brews litigation and providers have to be prepared to weather the storm.


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