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Cybersecurity Hub

Cybersecurity is one of the top compliance and operational challenges facing the health care industry. As reliance on health information technology grows, cyber criminals increasingly target the lucrative data that health care systems maintain. An effective cybersecurity program is essential to preventing, detecting, and mitigating this ever-evolving threat.

This Hub page includes AHLA publications and resources to help address the challenges that cybersecurity poses for the health care community. It contains recent selected materials. AHLA members who have subscriber access to The Health Law Archive can search for older and more extensive materials here.

Health Law Disruption: Cybersecurity and Emerging Data Risks

With the increasing vulnerability of health data and the proliferation of ransomware, the health law community must adapt to emerging cybersecurity threats. Watch the video series.

​Featured Resource

Proliferation of Health Care Data: Navigating Interoperability and Data Sharing Opportunities and Challenges (From the 2021 edition of Health Law Watch)
Innovations in modern day medicine depend greatly upon our ability to obtain, meaningfully interpret, and analyze a sufficient number of data points: Data is king! Arguably, when human life, health, and welfare are involved, such as in the health care settings, there are only two types of decision paradigms: decisions that are data driven and ones that should be. Read More

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