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Health Law Disruption: 2030 and Beyond

Health Law Disruption: Cybersecurity and Emerging Data Risks

Health Law Disruption White Paper Cover Image

Anticipated Trends for the Health Care and Health Law Industries

AHLA created a 2030 Task Force in July 2019 to research anticipated changes in the health care and health law industries over the next ten years. To facilitate a constructive dialogue among stakeholders involved in the continually evolving health care industry, AHLA is sharing with the public and the health law community a White Paper that is based on and expands the Task Force’s analyses and findings. 

“Disruptive innovators,” such as new providers, new care delivery models, new technology, and increased access to health law resources, are likely to feature prominently in the future. At the same time, there is an active innovation and evolution process taking place in health care and health law. The White Paper discusses the top trends driving that evolution and innovation, which we anticipate will occur in the health care and health law industries over the next ten years.


Speaking of Health Law

In AHLA's latest Speaking of Health Law podcast, Carol Carden, Managing Principal at PYA, speaks to Tim Adelman of Luminis Health and Chair of the 2030 Task Force, about the work that went into the Task Force report and ultimately into the White Paper.   

The publication of this White Paper and Podcast was made possible by the generous support of PYA.

Navigating Health Law Disruption

Pressure on health law professionals is increasing and AHLA is at the center of educating and connecting the health law community, so that professionals can successfully navigate complex regulatory frameworks, drive business efficiencies, and ultimately help to improve patient outcomes.

The following award winning video series delves further into the pressures behind the industry trends covered in the White Paper and brings in voices from thought leaders who are helping to reshape both the health care and health law industries.

Technology and Data Disrupting the Future of Health Law

Healthcare Practice Group Chair, Travis Lloyd reveals how technology, data and access to data has changed in health care while Partners Dan Murphy, Amy Leopard and Jason Mehta cite specific compliance and regulatory safeguards to data privacy. Sponsored content presented by Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP.

Importance of Interdisciplinary Teams within Health Law

Partner Jim Boswell examines the future of health law and financial pressures on providers.  Partner Norm Armstrong discusses antitrust with the increase in consolidation of providers and growth.  Partner and Former US Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates discusses why diversity and inclusion is important for large firms. Partner Stephanie Johnson shares changing regulatory environment and minimizing compliance risks.  Partners Lisa Dwyer and Mark Polston discuss patient access to new therapies and treatments.  Partner Nikki Reeves explores regulatory changes affecting the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. Sponsored content presented by King & Spalding.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion within the Future Health Law Workforce

Executive Director Alice Setrini and Professor Max Helveston share thoughts on the value of diversity in health law and the importance of externships in preparing the next generation of lawyers. Advisory Board Member Ahmed Salim and student Palak Desai discuss the connection between higher education, real world experience and practicing health law to support healthy communities. Sponsored content presented by DePaul University College of Law.

Health Care Innovation Through In-House & Outside Counsel Partnerships

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer David Storey and K&L Gates Partner Richard Church elaborate on scaling services to meet future disruption.  Ben Miles, President of Parkview Regional Medical Center, shares how they mitigate patient and employee risks by focusing on safety compliance while K&L Gates Partner Limo Cherian shares how expertise in niche healthcare sectors provides a scaled approach to support surge capacity on larger projects. Sponsored content presented by Parkview Health and K&L Gates.

Health Law Disruption in Physician Contracting & Benchmarking

CEO Penny Stroud and Chief Strategy Officer Allison Pullins discuss how technology is changing the way healthcare organizations determine and document FMV, and gives unprecedented visibility into overall physician costs, market rates and compliance risks. Maria Kwok, General Counsel at Chinese Hospital and a longtime MD Ranger user, shares insights from an attorney’s perspective and addresses the evolving needs of health system lawyers and how using technology allows her to leverage and focus human resources. Sponsored content presented by MDRanger.

Agility and Speed Disrupting the Future of Health Law

Partner Tracy Field and Of Counsel Tara Ravi expand on the critical interactions between attorneys with diverse backgrounds and the advantages of a smaller agile firm.  As a former Federal prosecutor, Partner Bob Brennan advises on the importance of being proactive with compliance to healthcare regulations in order to avoid and defend against government investigations and False Claims Act liability, while Of Counsel Stefan Grow, who previously served as General Counsel to Florida’s Agency For Healthcare Administration, highlights the expanding data requirements for government-provided health services. Sponsored content presented by Parker Hudson.

Transdisciplinary Collaboration within Health Law

Professors Sidney Watson and Ruqaiijah Yearby talk about the wider health law disruption issues and the role that faculty play in educating future health lawyers.  Also contributing are Professor Robert Gatter and Elizabeth Pendo share their expertise in disruptive trends along with how they connect students with the community. Sponsored content presented by Saint Louis University School of Law.

Preparing Future Health Law Leaders

UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco talks about science & health policy, faculty, students, and community engage in interprofessional education, research, and clinical service partners. Sponsored content presented by UC Hastings College of the Law.

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