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Awards and Recognition

Patricia T. Meador Leadership Award Eligibility Requirements

Established by the Fraud and Abuse Practice Group in tribute to their distinguished colleague and AHLA Fellow, the late Patrica T. Meador.  This Award is given annually in special recognition of Ms. Meador's many years of outstanding contribution and exemplary leadership to the national health law bar.

+Patricia T. Meador Leadership Award Recipients

Award Nomination Criteria:   

  • Shows a high level of commitment to fraud and compliance education within AHLA’s Fraud and Abuse Practice Group
  • Actively mentors AHLA members who focus on fraud and compliance 
  • Maintains a commitment to fraud and compliance activities and efforts have made a positive impact on AHLA members
  • Advocates innovative approaches to ensure the highest level of fraud and compliance education 

Nomination Process  

Anyone may nominate an individual for this award and self-nominations are accepted. Any member who has demonstrated extraordinary commitment and dedication to the education and mentoring of those who focus on fraud and compliance matters are eligible for nomination, consideration, and selection. Past winners are not eligible to receive the award. Past winners and current Board members are not eligible to receive the award.

Judging Panel  

A dedicated judging panel composed of up to two past or current leaders from the Fraud and Abuse Practice Group (with one serving as the Chair), the previous year’s winner of the Award, and up to four additional members are appointed to review the nominations and select the winner. An individual appointed to serve on the judging panel is not eligible to be considered for the Award while they serve on the panel.  For more information about this opportunity or to apply, please visit the AHLA Patricia T. Meador Award Judging Panel Application

Innovative Professional Development

Help devise more creative ways for health law professionals to improve their productivity, hone their business knowledge and legal expertise, and fortify their value in the eyes of their employers, peers, professional colleagues, and clients.

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