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AHLA Announces the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in the Delivery of Legal Services Roundtable

  • April, 01, 2021

AHLA announces an invitation-only roundtable for the inclusion of people with disabilities in the delivery of legal services. Moderated by AHLA CEO, David S. Cade, this roundtable is designed for the diversity officers of large law firms and large in-house counsel departments and will feature presentations about the importance of including disabled attorneys in the work force and how to better serve disabled clients with a focus on the practical and human connection. Presenters include:  

  • Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum, Brown, Goldstein & Levy LLP, discussing their firm’s work in this area highlighting their challenges and successes. 
  • Speaker from Reed Smith’s LEADRS (Looking for Excellence and Advancement of Disabled Attorneys) affinity group, discussing the program and its processes, successes, challenges, and best practices and how it seeks to attract, support, and retain attorneys with disabilities of all types. 
  • Joanne Lax, a retired health lawyer with a visual impairment who serves on the AHLA Board of Directors, speaking to her personal experience in a large law firm.  

Following presentations, attendees will participate in interactive breakout conversations to share and discuss challenges, best practices, and innovations. As a result of the roundtable a list of best practices will be compiled and posted on AHLA’s White Paper Directory this summer and shared with the membership to encourage and support health law practitioners with disabilities and ensure that clients with disabilities can be well-served.  

“I’m proud to announce this opportunity for stakeholders to share their experiences and collaborate on publishing a best practices resource for our community,” comments Joanne Lax, AHLA Board Member. “As we look towards better inclusion of people with disabilities in the delivery of legal services, I am pleased that AHLA is providing a forum for a productive conversation to take place.”