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A Day of Understanding in Support of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Communities

  • April, 12, 2021

AHLA stands with our AAPI members, staff, and their communities amidst the recent rise of violence and harassment directed towards persons of Asian descent. From intimidation to hate crimes, our friends, colleagues, and clients both within and beyond the health care industry are being unfairly targeted and we add our collective voice to the chorus decrying violent and verbal expressions of hate, bias, or discrimination towards them. As AHLA’s Board of Directors has stated, “systemic racism must not be allowed to fester and spread” and AHLA continues to support “the critical importance of diversity and inclusion within our Association and the health law community.” 

Since that statement was released in June 2020, AHLA has incorporated a time for open dialogue to inspire change in various areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion at each monthly staff meeting, in line with recommendations from CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion’s Day of Understanding. For April’s staff meeting, we will dedicate that time to conversations in support of the AAPI Community and encourage our members’ organizations to do the same. Our dialogue will lean on public resources such as:

We invite members of the greater health law community to join AHLA in our steadfast commitment to develop programs, initiatives, and educational tools to eliminate all forms of hate, discrimination, bias, and harassment, along with barriers to health equity. Let us work together to #StopAsianHate.

Thanks to AHLA’s Payers, Plans and Managed Care Practice Group leadership for their assistance with this statement and to all AHLA leaders and staff for helping to #StopAsianHate.

About the Day of Understanding 2021: Real Dialogue for Real Change

CEO Action’s third annual Day of Understanding in April provides CEOs and leaders across nearly 2,000 organizations a collective opportunity to lead open dialogue and inspire change with over 13 million employees. Together, we have the power to change how millions of people talk to their colleagues about tough topics and move the needle toward a more just and equitable world. For more information, please visit the CEO Action website at:

About CEO Action for Diversity and InclusionTM

The CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace. This commitment is driven by a realization that addressing diversity and inclusion is not a competitive issue, but a societal issue. Recognizing that change starts at the executive level, more than 1,600 CEOs of the world’s leading companies and business organizations, are leveraging their individual and collective voices to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. For more information, please visit