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AHLA Announces THRUUE as Strategic Planning Partner

  • January, 18, 2022

The American Health Law Association (AHLA) has launched its next strategic planning process to proactively serve its members as we continue through unprecedented and uncertain times. After a thorough selection process, AHLA has selected THRUUE Inc. as its strategic planning partner on this journey.

AHLA's strategic plan will serve as a blueprint on how to meet your needs as you and your organizations navigate the rapidly changing legal landscape of health care. The development of our next strategic plan will benefit from THRUUE’s creative and adaptable tools that will result in measurable impact and growth for the organization.

“We are excited to have a talented team at THRUUE Inc. help guide us through the next phase of our strategic planning process,” comments Cynthia Y. Reisz, President of AHLA. “The complex changes in our industry, coupled with challenges our members are experiencing due to the pandemic, reinforces the critical need for AHLA to have a focused approach to support growth and change.”

“After researching AHLA’s mission, its dedication to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility, and a desire to prepare for an unpredictable future, we knew a partnership with AHLA was the perfect fit for the strategic planning work that THRUUE Inc. provides. With a mutual understanding that associations must be able to clearly articulate the problem they solve for their customers, then solve that problem better and faster than anyone else, we look forward to working with AHLA as they set a powerful strategy for future growth.” adds Jame Cofran, CEO, THRUUE Inc.

THRUUE held a kickoff planning session with the full Board at its Mid-Year Board of Directors Meeting on January 13, 2022. Development of the new plan will take approximately 12-18 months, include input and feedback from a variety of stakeholders, and will be showcased at AHLA’s 2023 Annual Meeting, held June 26-28, 2023, in San Francisco, CA.

About THRUUE Inc.

THRUUE is an expert strategy and culture consultancy that helps leaders set strategy and align their culture to the strategy so that their organization, and all the people in it, can grow and thrive. Founded in 2012, THRUUE serves clients in commercial, nonprofit, and government sectors. THRUUE’s work is rooted in a fundamental belief that strategy and culture are inextricably intertwined. We believe the best strategy won’t achieve its full potential without a culture that encourages, recognizes, and rewards the organizational behaviors required to drive it. Likewise, the most engaged and dynamic organizational cultures will quickly become rudderless without clarity on a future vision—and a path to get there. Our method helps individuals and organizations to think, speak, and act differently for better results. For more information: