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AHLA Announces Product Showcase Webinars

  • January, 31, 2022

AHLA announces a new opportunity for health law organizations, a Product Showcase Webinar. With this new offering, organizations can highlight and demo their tools or services for interested health law professionals. Conversely, health law professionals attending a Product Showcase Webinar, are able to get a free and up-close view of new technology and services that can save them time and money.

AHLA’s first Product Showcase Webinar, “Maintain Your Firm’s Operational Health with the Right Legal Practice Management Tool,” will be on March 10 at12 noon Eastern. Complimentary registration and content for this Product Showcase are provided by PracticePanther.

The health care environment has been front and center-stage throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and the spotlight is not moving any time soon. Health law practitioners work tirelessly to guide medical facilities, doctors, and patients alike on their ever-changing rights while working in remote-hybrid environments. Managing the increased workload from disparate locations is only possible with the right tools.

In this webinar, participants will learn how their firm can manage growing caseloads with an all-in-one software. With document management, automated workflows, and secure and compliant online payments, PracticePanther will share how they can help your health law firm save at least 8 hours a month on administrative tasks.

To learn more about AHLA’s complete educational offerings visit AHLA’s website.

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