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AHLA Launches a New Webinar Discussing Reproductive Health Care

  • August, 29, 2022

Washington, D.C. – The Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision has far-reaching implications for reproductive health care.  As part of ongoing efforts to  provide educational resources on emerging topics that affect the health law community, AHLA hosted a webinar on August 25, 2022, entitled “Delivery of OB-GYN Health Care to Women Who Are Pregnant that May Result in an Abortion—Out of State Patients and Best Practices for Providing Care to Women.”  

“Our mission as an organization is to provide consistent, current, and factual information regarding health law to all of our members,” said David S. Cade, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of AHLA. “Many of our members have reached out for advice on how they can best support their clients in light of this decision, and we are pleased to offer this webinar to answer many of their burning questions.”   

This webinar discussed the legal issues in providing medical care (drugs and procedures) to women that may result in abortion to residents of states with more restrictive abortion laws. Topics of discussion included: an overview of restrictions on providing care to women who reside in abortion-restricted states; care through telemedicine; risks to providers/practitioners who choose to offer care to out-of-state residents either through telemedicine or in an abortion “safe” state; and what states can do to expand access to reproductive services.  

This webinar is available on demand through the AHLA website for those who missed the live presentation.