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AHLA Members Produce a Webinar on the Delivery of OBGYN Care for Women in Abortion-Restricted States

  • September, 01, 2022

Washington, D.C. – The recent Dobbs v. Jackson decision has significant implications for women's health care. Since the ruling, health lawyers in every state have fielded questions from clients facing a wide range of legal issues. AHLA’s September 1st, 2022 webinar, “After Dobbs: Delivery of OB-GYN Care to Women in Abortion-Restricted States,” provided an overview of issues that have surfaced since Dobbs relating to health care for pregnant women. 

“The Dobbs v. Jackson decision will have a lasting effect on how providers can practice health care in every state,” said David S. Cade, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of AHLA. “Health law professionals must prepare for the enduring impact this decision will have on their clients while providing client-centered aid. AHLA is pleased to offer instructive webinars that will aid attorneys as they navigate through these new health challenges.” 

Discussion during the webinar included topics such as women who are miscarrying or likely to miscarry, non-elective medical procedures that may result in abortion, the treatment of medical conditions that may impact the viability of pregnancy such as cancer, and other issues. 

“The reversal of Roe v. Wade radically changed the healthcare delivery landscape for women overnight,” said Jeanne Vance, moderator for the webinar discussion, Chair of AHLA’s Regulation, Accreditation & Payment Practice Group, and shareholder at Weintraub Tobin. “Few organizations have analyzed the full extent the change will have legally outside the immediate delivery of surgical abortions. Our healthcare clients and members of the health law bar are clamoring for information and analysis on these issues. I am pleased to be part of such an important discussion and hope it will provide the educational information needed to aid health law professionals in the future." 

This webinar will be available on demand through the AHLA website for those who missed the live presentation.