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LW Consulting, Inc. Thought Leader Webinar: New, But Not Normal—Audits, Surveys and Enforcements in 2021

  • April, 23, 2021

AHLA announces upcoming Thought Leader webinar, "New, But Not Normal—Audits, Surveys and Enforcements in 2021." As part of AHLA's Thougth Leadership Perspective program, LW Consulting, Inc. has provided complimentary registration and content for this webinar.

Health law professionals are invited to join panelists on May 5, 2021 at 12:00AM for this webinar covering audits, surveys, and enforcement actions in 2021 and beyond. Panelists will review recent trends in publicly available data and provide best practices to assist your organization in preparing for the return of oversight and compliance mechanisms. Webinar speakers include: 

  • Deborah M. Miller R.N., J.D., Chief Compliance Officer, Ensign Services
  • Harriet A. Wall, Principal, COO, and Compliance Officer, LW Consulting, Inc
  • Lisa F. Wilt, President and CEO, LW Consulting, Inc
  • Angelique M. Culver, Esq., LLM, CHC, Chief Compliance & HIPAA Officer,  Vibra Healthcare, LLC

To learn more about AHLA’s complete educational offerings visit AHLA’s website. To learn more about LW Consulting, Inc., and their recently announcend expansion of service offerings to include Independent Monitoring to help providers mitigate the risk of repeat deficiencies, visit LW Consulting, Inc.'s website

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