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June 12, 2020

Health Law Daily

New York City EMS Workers Suing City For Allegedly Retaliating Against Them For Speaking Publicly On Experiences During Pandemic

  • June 12, 2020

NPR (6/11, Wang) reports a group of New York City emergency medical service (EMS) workers “who gave interviews to the news media, including NPR, are suing the city for allegedly retaliating against them after speaking about their experiences responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.” In the suit, filed Wednesday with the federal court in Manhattan, “four EMS workers allege the city is violating their right to speak on issues of public concern under the First Amendment, as well as their due process rights.” All paramedics that filed the lawsuit “are union members of Local 2507, which has been fielding interview requests from journalists during the pandemic to help promote the work of paramedics and EMTs as the union continues contract negotiations with the city.”