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December 02, 2020

Health Law Daily

CDC Panel Says Health Care Workers, Long-Term Care Residents Should Be First To Receive Coronavirus Vaccines

  • December 02, 2020

The New York Times (12/1, Goodnough) reports that “an independent panel advising the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted Tuesday to recommend that residents and employees of nursing homes and similar facilities be the first people in the United States to receive coronavirus vaccines, along with health care workers who are especially at risk of being exposed to the virus.”
      The Washington Post (12/1, Sun, Stanley-Becker) reports, “These groups were deemed the highest priority by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, because the vaccine will initially be in extremely short supply after it is cleared by federal regulators.”
      STAT (12/1, Branswell) reports, “The recommendation must still be accepted by CDC Director Robert Redfield.” According to STAT, “The agency will then issue its guidance on who should get priority access, though final decisions will rest with the states.”
      The AP (12/1, Stobbe) reports that the panel “will meet again at some point to decide who should be next in line.”
      Politico (12/1, Lim) reports, “Groups representing health care workers and long-term care facilities praised the panel’s recommendations.”
      Among other sources covering the story are the Wall Street Journal (12/1, Loftus, Hopkins, Subscription Publication), USA Today (12/1, Weise, Weintraub), and The Hill (12/1, Weixel).