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HHS Allowing Health Care Professionals To Provide Telehealth Services Across State Lines

  • December 04, 2020

Bloomberg Law (12/3, Brown, Subscription Publication) reports, “Health-care providers can provide telehealth services across state lines during the Covid-19 emergency regardless of state and local prohibitions, the HHS said Thursday.” This is the latest move by HHS “to ease access and expand the range of services Medicare pays for when delivered by telehealth.”
      Modern Healthcare (12/3, Brady, Subscription Publication) reports that the department’s “new policy overrides any state law that bans, or effectively bans, out-of-state healthcare professionals from delivering coronavirus-related medical countermeasures.” HHS said, “Many states have already authorized out-of-state healthcare personnel to deliver telehealth services to in-state patients, either generally or in the context of COVID-19; this action will ensure that COVID-19 Covered Countermeasures can be provided via telehealth across state lines.”