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US Laboratories To Be Required To Collect Demographic Information On Those Receiving Coronavirus Tests Beginning August 1

  • June 05, 2020

The Washington Post (6/4, Goldstein) reports the federal government released new guidance that will require laboratories to collect demographic information on people being tested for coronavirus or coronavirus antibodies beginning August 1. Under the new guidance, laboratories will be required “to collect and submit information on people’s age, sex, location, and test result, as well as on race and ethnicity.”
      Reuters (6/4, Mishra) reports the HHS said in a statement that the new requirements are being imposed to better understand who is being infected and developing COVID-19. In the statement, HHS said, “As the country begins to reopen, access to clear and accurate data is essential to communities and leadership for making decisions critical to a phased reopening.”
      The Hill (6/4, Hellmann) also covers the story.