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September 25, 2020

Health Law Daily

CMS To Crack Down On Hospitals That Do Not Report COVID-19 Data Every Day, Documents Show

  • September 25, 2020

NPR (9/24, Huang, Simmons-Duffin) reports the US “government is preparing to aggressively crack down on hospitals for not reporting complete COVID-19 data daily into a federal data system, according to internal documents obtained by NPR.” The draft guidance, which is “expected to be sent to hospitals this week, also adds new reporting requirements, asking hospitals to provide daily information on influenza cases, along with COVID-19.” A draft letter from CMS “requires hospitals to report data such as the number of COVID-19 patients and their inventory of the drug remdesivir ‘for all seven days, including weekends,’ into the federal data collection system run by HHS. Failure to comply after multiple warnings ‘will result in a termination of the Medicare provider agreement.’”