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February 2022   Volume 3Issue 2
Health Law Connections

Women's Network—Say "No" to Say "Yes": Five Steps to Decluttering Your Work Life

  • February 01, 2022
  • Adetoro Olugbemi , McDermott Will & Emery LLP

The Covid-19 pandemic was unpredictable to say the least, a time when our personal and professional lives were merged in unforeseeable ways that forced many of us to adapt and find solutions to issues with no precedent. The ripple effects of the pandemic can still be seen today. Working parents have become teachers and babysitters, and many are now primary care providers for their loved ones. In addition to our newfound responsibilities at home, it seems that we are constantly putting out figurative fires in the workplace. While we juggle these home and workplace responsibilities, our career goals and professional development often get tossed aside or kicked down the pike. The various responsibilities and demands on our time often create clutter in our work life. This new year, as you set your goals, make the decision to declutter your work life. Here are five tips to help declutter your work life, manage the competing priorities in your work life, and achieve your career goals (inspired by the KonMari Method).


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