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First Reflections—The Yellow-Brick Road of Good Governance

  • November 01, 2020
  • Mark A. Bonanno , Chair, Governance Committee

There’s a pivotal scene in the 1939 classic film The Wizard of Oz that relates to the importance of leadership. Dorothy and her companions have traveled through numerous challenges to find the Great and Terrible Oz so he can grant them their wishes. It’s revealed that behind the smoke and mirrors there’s just one man trying to do it all. There’s a lesson here in leadership, communication, and looking behind the scenes that leads to a resolution for the characters. Dorothy and her crew see Oz for who he really is, and Oz helps them realize that they can, in fact, benefit from each other and receive their wishes. As in The Wizard of Oz, in associations there is a desire to pull back the curtain to see how current board structures and leaders govern the organization. Much like the winding road to Oz, AHLA’s governance structure has been on a journey that has continued to evolve over time.

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