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October 01, 2021

Health Law Connections

Anatomy of a Health Care SPAC Transaction—a Taxing Perspective for Providers

AHLA thanks the leaders of the Tax and Finance Practice Group for contributing this feature article.
  • October 01, 2021
  • Albert Lin , Husch Blackwell LLP

As the world looks to recover from a historic pandemic, health care providers and their related industries have moved quickly to take advantage of a remarkably active—and profitable—capital market. The pandemic triggered a madcap dash for companies focusing on telemedicine and digital health as the world worked to adapt and deliver quality health care in a rapidly evolving environment.1 Interest in expanding the realm of for-profit health care providers continued unfettered by the events of 2020.2

  • Tax and Finance
  • Health Care Finance and Transactions
  • Tax and Nonprofit

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