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October 01, 2021

Health Law Connections

First Reflections—Resilient: Proactive, Adaptive, and Sustainable

  • October 01, 2021
  • Mark Kopson , Chair of the Governance Committee

In 2019, the AHLA Board of Directors approved a Strategic Plan with three goals, one being that AHLA will be a Resilient Organization. What on earth makes an organization “resilient”? Under our Strategic Plan, that’s quite simple: “AHLA will be a proactive, adaptive, and sustainable organization that delivers best-in-class offerings and user‐friendly experiences to its members and consumers of its services.” As any health professional worth their salt knows, however, “simple” seldom means “easy.” I believe the key to our resilience lies in the adjectives “proactive” and “adaptive,” and I would like to share some thoughts on how we, as an Association, and in particular the Governance Board Committee, are working to ensure those adjectives accurately describe us.

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