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June 04, 2021

Health Law Weekly

Conversations with AHLA Leaders Podcast: Craig Holden, President

  • June 04, 2021

This special series highlights AHLA leaders who discuss key moments in their careers, current and future trends in health law, and AHLA’s role in their professional development. In this episode, Chip Hutzler, Director, Horne LLP, interviews Craig Holden, Partner, Baker Donelson, who is AHLA President for the 2020-2021 year. Craig talks about his long career in health law, how the industry will develop after the pandemic, and advice he would give to young health law professionals.

Craig also tells Chip:

  • How he got into health law and his experiences as an attorney with HHS during the Reagan Administration. 
  • Why he transitioned from the government to private practice.
  • What a mentor once told him about approaching a major assignment.
  • His favorite city to visit when traveling for work.
  • What his plaque will say when he’s inducted into the “Health Lawyer Hall of Fame.”

Sponsored by Horne LLP.


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