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A Framework for Identification and Review of Institutional Conflicts of Interest

This Briefing is brought to you by AHLA’s Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Practice Group.
  • September 16, 2020
  • Patrick J. Egan , Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The relationship between academic medicine and for-profit industry has faced ever increasing scrutiny for at least the past two decades. We might mark the beginning of the new era of concern regarding conflicts of interest in academic medicine with the unfortunate death of Jesse Gelsinger in a gene therapy trial in 1999. The public’s trust was shaken by the fact that a lead investigator and the institution responsible for conducting the gene therapy trial each held significant financial interests in a for-profit company that stood to benefit from a successful outcome. It served as a call to action for regulatory agencies and academic medical centers to do more to identify, disclose, and manage conflicts of interest created by the financial interests of both individuals and institutions.

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