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Awards and Recognition

David J. Greenburg Founders Award Eligibility Requirements

The Founders Award is presented to a member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and service to AHLA throughout their career, while making significant contributions to the health law community. 

The David J. Greenburg Award is the highest and most prestigious award offered by AHLA. 

+David J. Greenburg Founders Award Recipients

Award Nomination Criteria:   

  • Demonstrates exceptional qualities of leadership and sustained service to AHLA  
  • Displays a deep commitment to advancing the health law profession  
  • Contributes extensive time and service to AHLA and the health law profession and community  
  • Shares their insights and knowledge of health law with the AHLA community  
  • Sustains an elevated level of thought leadership and impact within their respective law firm, corporation, organization, academic institution and/or the health law community at large
  • Contributes to improved health care outcomes for underserved or specific populations
  • Influences and impacts the health law profession in a positive way

Nomination process  

All members may provide recommendations for the Founders Award. The member making a nomination will be asked to describe why they believe the Nominee meets the award criteria.

Advisory Panel   

The Founders Award has its own dedicated advisory panel. The AHLA President serves as the Chair along with four to six additional members. Those on the Advisory Panel will represent diverse voices and perspectives from the membership. Those selected to serve will be asked to be available for a specified timeframe; to independently review submissions using a scoring rubric based on the Award criteria; provide input to and, if needed, participate in a virtual meeting with the President. 

About David J. Greenburg 

David J. Greenburg (1925-2007) was the founder of the American Academy of American Healthcare Attorneys in 1967 and the National Health Lawyers Association in 1971. These two organizations came together to form AHLA. David was passionate about health care law and dedicated his career to increasing greater interest in the health care law field and creating a forum for like-minded experts. His tireless efforts generated a collegial community of health law professionals who help each other and the public, a tradition that AHLA continues today.  

In 1990, the David J. Greenburg Founders Award was created, with Mr. Greenburg being the first recipient. The President presented the Award annually to a member who showed outstanding dedication, leadership, and service to the Association throughout their career; exemplified long-time service and commitment to the health law community; and made significant contributions to the growth and life of AHLA and the health law profession. 

In 1998, because of the merger between NHLA and AAHA, the Greenburg Award was not presented. The Greenburg Award was deferred in 2020 because of the pandemic. In 2021, two recipients were recognized – one for 2020 and one for 2021. In 2023, because of Mr. Greenburg’s prominence, his role in and impact on the Association, and a desire to elevate the Award to the membership and the health law community, the Award was renamed the David J. Greenburg Founders Award.  

In 2022, to acknowledge Mr. Greenburg's role and influence on the Association, the Award was renamed the David J. Greenburg Founders Award.

The Founders Award is presented by the President during the Annual Meeting in June. 

AHLA’s success is due in large part to David’s creativity, entrepreneurship, and vision. Watch a video tribute from David's colleagues and learn more about his legacy.  


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