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AHLA Announces COVID-19 Health Law Disruption Public Service Announcement Video Series

  • April, 26, 2020

The devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of nearly all people and businesses, with the health care industry at the epicenter of the crisis.  As the health care community faces unprecedented challenges in delivering care, the American Health Law Association (AHLA), in partnership with dBase Media, are producing a Public Service Announcement (PSA) video series to heighten awareness of the ever-shifting legal landscape in light of the coronavirus.  

COVID-19: Health Law Disruption will feature narratives from AHLA authorities and other experts discussing how health law has rapidly changed in response to the pandemic.  The program will draw attention to the most significant changes with interviews from legal experts from academia, private practice, in house counsel, and other industry sectors. The series will feature a collection of stories from those on the frontlines of the legal health care community.  Together, they will offer a deep dive into pressing topics such as the current and future impact of new waivers; how rural and other providers are facing challenges with limited resources, supplies, staffing, and capacity issues; and how long term care facilities may minimize risk to patients and staff. 

COVID-19: Health Law Disruption highlights AHLA’s central role in disseminating information about a broad spectrum of new policies and regulations that impact the health care community.  This PSA mini-series will be streamed on the Coronavirus Hub on AHLA’s website and social channels.  It will also be distributed and promoted through an omni-channel distribution network, social networks, and numerous partnership channels managed by dBase Media.  

For further information, contact Mitch Johnson at dBase Media: [email protected]