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AHLA Publishes Inaugural Edition of Health Law Watch

  • June, 05, 2019

Published by the American Health Law Association (AHLA), the inaugural edition of Health Law Watch fills the need for a publication that precisely spells out, in detail, what health lawyers need to know right now. This book offers accessible yet sophisticated articles on each of the ten most important topics in health law this year, to include:

  • Issue 1: The Impact of Disruptors and Disruption in the Health Marketplace
  • Issue 2: Structuring and Operationalizing Value Based Payments: Legal Developments and Practical Tips
  • Issue 3: Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in Health Care—Innovation Continues to Outpace Regulation
  • Issue 4: Drug Pricing
  • Issue 5: Fraud and Abuse—FCA Enforcement, New Laws and Regulatory Changes
  • Issue 6: Behavioral Health—A Growing Practice Area for Health Lawyers
  • Issue 7: The Opioid Crisis
  • Issue 8: Private Equity Investment in Health Care
  • Issue 9: Medicaid Developments
  • Issue 10: The 340B Drug Discount Program

“We know our members need to stay current, but they don’t have a lot of time,” comments Cynthia Conner, AHLA’s Vice President of Publishing. “We developed the Health Law Watch series as an easy way to do that; the articles are authored by experts and give our members the big picture view that they need to stay competitive.”

“Information on new developments in health law can be overwhelming,” adds Kara Kinney Cartwright, AHLA’s Director of Non-Dues Publications. “This annual publication will capture what readers need to know in one place, to be consumed at their convenience.”

Health Law Watch is available to order through AHLA’s store on the LexisNexis website for both members of AHLA and the broader health law professionals community.

For a high-resolution image of the book cover, editor/author headshots, or interview inquiries, please contact AHLA.

2019 Edition Authors

Alexis Finkelberg Bortniker, Theresa C. Carnegie, Michelle L. Caton, Gary Scott Davis, Gerald (Jud) E. DeLoss, Xavier G. Hardy, Justin C. Linder, Grace D. Mack, Tony Maida, Anna S. Ross, Michael F. Schaff, Samantha P. Scheuler, Alaap B. Shah, Alexandra B. Shalom, Kerrin B. Slattery