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AHLA Announces New Practice and Affinity Groups

  • June, 02, 2021

Effective July 1, 2021, the AHLA Practice Group and Special Councils Committee announces the Behavioral Health Task Force will become a Practice Group and the Enterprise Risk Management Task Force will become the fourth Affinity Group under the auspices of the Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group.  

This decision follows AHLA’s Policies and Procedures associated with Practice Groups, asserting that a Task Force is to be evaluated every two years to determine if it should be dissolved, subsumed under a single Practice Group, or if the topic is still broadly covered across multiple Practice Groups and therefore should remain a Task Force.  

“This decision is representative of the impactful work these groups are doing,” comments Teshia Birts, Director of Membership and Component Relations, “AHLA is proud of how active our membership is in the health law community, and works to grow and evolve along with them.”    

Practice Groups (PGs) are composed of AHLA members who share a similar work setting or interest in a specific area of health law and who wish to increase their knowledge of specific health law issues, grow professionally, gain valuable leadership experience, and network with other health law professionals from across the country.  Affinity Groups develop published content and supplements distance learning activities in a discrete area of law within the PG’s area of focus. Learn more about AHLA’s Practice Groups and Affinity Groups by visiting the Practice Groups landing page.  

Have a question about the changes?  View our Frequently Asked Questions – Membership Model page for more details.