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Frequently Asked Questions - Membership Model


AHLA has improved its membership model. 
The Association is committed to be an inclusive organization that welcomes and serves both health lawyers and health law professionals. In response to members’ request for a simplified membership model and dues structure, AHLA is excited to debut a more valuable, enhanced and personalized membership experience, offering new and expanded benefits, additional choices, and greater flexibility. Each member now will be empowered to select the AHLA content, services, and products that best meet that member’s professional needs and provides the greatest value. We envision that this flexibility will both benefit current members and attract new members who work in the health law industry.  

What changed? 
AHLA’s membership model will include three levels from which to choose, based on the bundle of benefits chosen. Dues will be $269 for the Full membership level; $369 for the Enhanced membership level; and $499 for the Premium membership level. See pages 4-5 for more information about the membership descriptions and levels. 

What did not change? 
AHLA membership has always been and will continue to be available for all lawyers, including those who consider themselves to be primarily a health lawyer as well as those who consider themselves to be a labor and employment, antitrust, or other type of lawyer who needs access to health law content to serve their clients. In addition, AHLA will continue to be a home for health law professionals, including compliance professionals, privacy officers, consultants, accountants, Master of Law degree holders, medical office administrators, economists, and more. In addition, what is not changing, is the type of educational content for which the Association is known for. AHLA will continue to deliver exceptional health law information, essential tools and support for professional development. It will remain a trusted community for lawyers and other professionals engaged in health law. 

Who is eligible for discounted pricing on membership? 
For academicians, in-house counsel, paralegals, solo practitioners, and those who work in the Public Sector (non-profit legal service or legal advocacy organization; federal, state or local government work setting; or public health organization or agency), AHLA will provide a $100 discount off the Full and Enhanced membership level pricing. In addition, the Association will continue to provide special, discounted pricing when individuals in this category register for programs and distance learning events.  

How will Practice and Affinity Groups be incorporated into a membership? 
When individuals become and remain AHLA members, they will select a membership level that includes access to one, two, or all Practice Groups. The Full membership level includes membership in and access to one Practice Group; the Enhanced membership level includes membership in and access to two Practice Groups; and the Premium membership level includes membership in and access to all Practice Groups. The current alignment between Practice Groups and associated Affinity Groups will remain the same. Enrollment in an Affinity Group associated with a specific Practice Group will be automatically included in a member’s package of benefits when the member joins that Practice Group.  

Can I change my membership level in order to access additional membership benefits or Practice Groups? 
Yes. We would be delighted to upgrade you to a higher membership level when the conversion first occurs or prior to receiving your renewal invoice. You can also opt to wait until you receive your membership renewal invoice, reassess your professional needs, and change your membership level at that time.   

How can I gain access to the Association’s Health Law Archive? 
Those who join AHLA for the first time at the Full or Enhanced membership level will receive a complimentary subscription to the Archive for one year. At the time of renewal, the member will be able to subscribe to the Health Law Archive for an additional year for a nominal fee ($129 when selecting Full membership level or $99 when selecting Enhanced membership level). However, members who select or are converted to the Premium membership level will receive free access to the Archive for that membership year. 

With the Enhanced membership level, I receive one free live webinar per year and discounted pricing when registering for additional live webinars. How will this work?
When you register for a live webinar, pricing on AHLA’s website will automatically reflect the discount to which you are entitled based on your membership level. You will be able to receive your free live webinar at any time during your membership year when registering for a single live webinar. When AHLA offers a webinar series, because members already receive a series discount, the free live webinar may not be used to attend any of the webinars in the series. 

This benefit does not apply to any on-demand products.

With the Premium membership level, I receive access to the Health Law Archive, an educational pass that grants free access to all AHLA live webinars and educational calls, special pricing when registering for AHLA Programs, and access to all the Practice Groups. How will this work?
You will simply register for a live webinar or educational call, and AHLA’s online registration system will know not to charge a fee. When registering for programs, pricing will automatically reflect the discount to which you are entitled. The Health Law Archive will be accessible without charge as a benefit of your premium membership level. All the Practice and Affinity Groups will automatically be accessible.  

This benefit does not apply to any on-demand products.

I’m enrolled at a law or graduate school. Can I join AHLA? 
Yes. If you are currently enrolled in law school or in a graduate school program, you can become a student subscriber while in active student status for up to three years. A student subscriber will receive select free AHLA benefits, including digital access to the AHLA Connections magazine; the Journal of Health & Life Sciences Law; the AHLA Weekly and AHLA Newsstand electronic newsletters; and admission to the Association’s online topical communities and professional networks. Student subscribers will also continue to receive special, discounted pricing when registering for programs and distance learning events. Please note: Individuals who already hold a JD degree are not eligible for this category. In addition, any student can opt to pay for the Full, Enhanced or Premium membership level if they choose and thereby receive additional benefits. 

Can AHLA membership be transferred to another person in my organization? 
No. AHLA membership belongs to the individual and is therefore not transferable. It follows the member throughout his/her career.   

Will I still be able to subscribe to AHLA’s Communities? 

Yes, all members will continue to be able to subscribe at no cost.  Members will continue to be able to designate how they set-up their notification settings, i.e., receive messages in real-time, in a digest with other community messages, or by checking online. 

What features/benefits make up each of the three tiers?
The chart below lists the features and benefits you will receive under the membership model:

  Although AHLA dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for U.S. federal income tax purposes, they may be deductible as a professional expense. 

Member Category Definitions 

  • Academician = full-time faculty at a law or graduate school 
  • Attorney = individual holding a JD degree and engaged in the practice of law, includes firm counsel, of counsel, special counsel or senior counsel  
  • Health Law Professional = legal professional meeting or associated for a common purpose related to the legal profession 
  • In-House Counsel = attorney or lawyer practicing in a hospital or health care system, HMO, health care insurer, or professional association setting 
  • Paralegal = individual who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, corporation, governmental agency, or other entity and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal 
  • Public Sector = health law professional working in the public sector; non-profit legal service or legal advocacy organization; federal, state or local government work setting; or public health organization or agency 
  • Solo Practitioner = lawyer who practices independently, in a law firm that may include non-lawyer support personnel but does not include other lawyers 
  • Student Subscriber = enrolled full time at a law or graduate school; free benefits for up to three years; individual may not already hold a JD degree 

News about Practice and Affinity Group Changes 

Effective July 1, 2021, the Behavioral Health (BH) Task Force became a Practice Group (PG) and the ERM Task Force became an Affinity Group (AG), under the auspices of the Hospitals and Health Systems Practice Group (HHS PG).

What does this mean if I'm at the Full or Enhanced membership level? 

The Full membership level includes one PG and the Enhanced membership level includes two PGs as a part of the member benefits package. If you would like to add access to the BH and/or HHS PG, it may be necessary to adjust your level accordingly.  

  • If you are at the Full membership level and want to add the Behavioral Health and/or the HHS PGs (to receive access to the ERM AG), staff can help you upgrade to the Enhanced or Premium membership level or you can adjust your PG selections at the time of your membership renewal. 

  • If you are at the Enhanced membership level and want to add the Behavioral Health and/or the HHS PGs (to receive access to the ERM AG), staff can help you upgrade to the Premium membership level or you can adjust your PG selections at the time of your membership renewal. 

Please reach out to AHLA membership staff to add the BH or HHS PGs to your membership package. Staff will help you upgrade your membership level to Enhanced or Premium upon payment of a prorated fee. The cost to upgrade is determined by subtracting the price of the upgraded membership level from your current membership level.  

For example, the Premium membership level costs $499 and the Full membership level costs $269. The difference is $230, which equates to $19 per month. The number of months remaining until the leader’s membership expiration date is multiplied by the monthly fee, e.g., if six months remaining until the next membership expiration, the amount due to upgrade from the Full to Premium membership level will be $114 ($19 x 6 month). 

Should you need to adjust your membership, please contact Collin Sumera at [email protected] or the Member Services Center at [email protected]

What does this mean if I'm at the Premium membership level? 

The Premium membership level provides access to all Practice Groups. All AHLA webinars and educational calls as well as a subscription to the Health Law Archive are also provided to you as benefits of this membership level. If you are at this membership level, you do not need to do anything. You will automatically be enrolled in the new BH PG. If you do not already have the HHS PG as one of your PG selections, it too will automatically be added.  You can change your PG selections at any time by visiting the My Membership section of the myAHLA portal.  

Will I lose access to the content that either group has produced prior to July 1, 2020?

Access to previous content produced by both Task Forces will continue to be accessible to all members. However, new content produced by the BH PG and the ERM AG will require enrollment in the BH and HHS PGs. 

What if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact Kerry Hoggard, Vice President of Membership, at [email protected] or Teshia Birts, Director of Membership and Component Relations at [email protected].