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AHLA Releases a Ten-Part Podcast Series to Bring Commentary on Top Issues in Health Law

  • March, 24, 2023

Washington, D.C. – AHLA is proud to release the podcast series, Top Ten Issues in Health Law. AHLA has released this podcast series for the past three years and has been thrilled with the educational content found in each podcast. This series identifies the top ten issues in health law that will have the greatest impact on the industry and partners with health law experts to bring analysis and commentary on those issues.  

Based on the “Top Ten Issues in Health Law 2023” article in Health Law Connections magazine, the Top Ten Issues in Health Law Podcast Series features ten episodes that bring together thought leaders from across the industry to delve deeper into health law issues professionals are facing in 2023.  

“AHLA strives to provide the very best information surrounding key topics in health law in a consistent and timely manner,” said David S. Cade, Chief Executive Officer of AHLA. “This podcast series is delivered to the health law community annually to ensure professionals get the insights and analysis they need to better serve their clients and communities.”  

Interested parties can access the full podcast series here.