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AHLA Launches 2023 Update to 5th Edition of Legal Issues in Health Care Fraud and Abuse: Your Ultimate Guide to Expertise and Compliance

  • September, 08, 2023

Washington, D.C. – AHLA recently released the 2023 Supplement to the 5th edition of Legal Issues in Health Care Fraud and Abuse, a definitive resource offering over 700 pages of expert analysis and practical advice for navigating the complex landscape of health care law.  

This newly updated edition provides a detailed examination of the enforcement of health care fraud and abuse laws, equipping readers with actionable insights to address risks and manage relationships with enforcement agencies.  

“One of the most exciting aspects of practicing in the area of health care fraud and abuse law is that it is constantly evolving - through legislation, regulations, subregulatory guidance, and case law.  This 2023 cumulative supplement encompasses the most significant developments from the last year so the practitioner’s research on any given fraud and abuse topic will reflect the full history of guidance and enforcement on that topic.” 

A standout feature of this edition is the inclusion of the 2023 Cumulative Supplement, providing readers with the latest updates in the field. Those who need to purchase the supplement alone are encouraged to call Lexis Nexis at 1-800-533-1637 and ask for automatic shipment of annual updates. The 2023 Cumulative Supplement covers the following:  

  • Recent federal agency actions against individuals and entities, including in connection with COVID-19    

  • Whistleblower activity and trends to watch  

  • Additions and revisions to regulations   

  • Special Fraud Alerts   

  • Numerous advisory opinions   

  • And much more    

This updated publication is available for purchase. Interested parties can purchase this resource here (insert link.)   


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