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March 2023    Volume 4 Issue 3
Health Law Connections

Moving the Needle? Recent CMS Efforts to Advance Health Equity

AHLA thanks the leaders of the Regulation, Accreditation, and Payment Practice Group for contributing this feature article.
  • March 01, 2023
  • Margia Corner , University of California Office of General Counsel
  • Rachel Carey , Whiteford Taylor Preston LLP
  • Caitlin Parry , Hancock Daniel & Johnson PC
Health Equity

For decades, research has demonstrated persistent disparities in health, access to health care, and health outcomes based on race, ethnicity, age, sex, gender, socioeconomic status, and other factors. The disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on certain populations and the lack of access to diagnostic testing, vaccination, and treatment for certain communities appear finally to have brought the need to address long-standing health care disparities to the forefront. As a result, governments at all levels, public and private health insurance programs, health care providers, and other stakeholders have renewed their commitment to promote health equity and close gaps in health care access, quality, and outcomes for these patient populations.


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