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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Health Care

This Hub includes information to help our members and the public stay informed on this very important issue, with a goal of providing in-depth analysis that furthers conversations necessary to facilitate change. 

Just Released

Upcoming Special Issue of AHLA's Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law

Coming December 2021, a Journal special issue on Emerging Issues in Health Equity in the United States: Legal, Legislative and Policy Perspectives. This special issue is aimed at making a meaningful contribution to the policy discussion of these issues for the benefit of AHLA members, the academic community, and policy decision makers in both the legislative and executive branches of government. Potential authors may submit proposals for articles by March 5. 

AHLA Analysis

AHLA Podcasts

Women in the Law: Practice in the Pandemic and Beyond (Speaking of Health Law Podcast, March 1, 2021)
Delphine O’Rourke, Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP, speaks to Roberta Liebenberg, Partner, Fine Kaplan and Black, and Stephanie Scharf, Partner, Scharf Banks Marmor LLC, about their pioneering development of surveys dedicated to evaluating the experiences of women lawyers. They analyze the factors that have impacted the careers of women lawyers, such as how the current pandemic has disrupted their careers; the strategies legal employers need to develop to retain and enhance a diverse group of lawyers, including ways to assess and revamp their cultures, policies, and practices; and strategies for women lawyers to self-advocate. From AHLA’s Women’s Leadership Council.

Health Law After George Floyd, Part 2 (Speaking of Health Law Podcast, February 11, 2021)
Thomas J. Wronski, Director of Legal Talent Solutions, EBG Advisors, speaks to Ricardo Johnson, Vice President at Healthworx at CareFirst BCBS, and Clifford Barnes, Member, Epstein Becker & Green PC, about how law firm practice has changed after the events of 2020, including diversity efforts, how best to develop a minority talent pipeline, and how to set up an environment of inclusion. The speakers also discuss the need to share perspectives and the importance of mentors, and Ricardo and Cliff share their stories about their paths to becoming lawyers. Sponsored by EBG Advisors.

Health Law After George Floyd, Part 1 (Speaking of Health Law Podcast, February 8, 2021)
Thomas J. Wronski, Director of Legal Talent Solutions, EBG Advisors, speaks to Ricardo Johnson, Vice President at Healthworx at CareFirst BCBS, and Clifford Barnes, Member, Epstein Becker & Green PC, about their own career experiences and how they got to where they are now. The podcast discusses the corporate perspective on what changed in 2020, including that companies are paying more attention to structural racism and diversity, how COVID-19 is impacting minority communities disproportionately, and how companies can target resources. The speakers also discuss the concept of social capital and how Black Americans can leverage it. Sponsored by EBG Advisors

Professional Development in a Crisis (Speaking of Health Law Podcast, September 30, 2020)
Jeff Wurzburg, Senior Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright, speaks to Lori Mihalich-Levin, Partner, Dentons and Founder of Mindful Return, Yusuf Zakir, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Holland & Knight LLP, and Steve Seckler, President, Seckler Legal Recruiting and Coaching, about how the COVID-19 public health crisis abruptly changed the outlook for 2020 and created new challenges for business and professional development. From AHLA’s Payers, Plans, and Managed Care Practice Group.

Racial Disparities in Health Care (Speaking of Health Law Podcast, August 21, 2020)
Sarah Swank, Counsel, Nixon Peabody LLP, David Cade, CEO, American Health Law Association, Montrece Ransom, Team Lead, Training and Workforce Development, Public Health Law Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Dawn Hunter, Deputy Director, Southeastern Region Office, The Network for Public Health Law, discuss the impact of racial disparities in health care, both pre- and post-COVID. Sponsored by Huron Consulting Group.

AHLA Thought Leadership

Upcoming Convener

AHLA will host a one-day virtual convener on April 12, 2021 where participants will discuss all aspects of health disparities and equity in health care, social determinants of health, the impact of law on these issues, and what can be done to address these issues now and in the future.

AHLA conveners are nonpartisan roundtables that provide a neutral forum for the frank and candid exchange of views and analyses among approximately 10-15 thought leader experts, in addition to the moderators listed below. While the convener will be closed to the public while it’s being recorded, audio and/or video will subsequently be available for dissemination so that AHLA members and the public will reap the benefit of listening to the discussion.

AHLA Convener Moderators

  • Vonne Jacobs, JD –  Principal & Founder, PHAROS Healthcare Consulting and Creating Equity, LLC
  • Dru Bhattacharya, JD, MPH, LLM – Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, Advocate Aurora Health
  • Dawn Hunter, JD, MPH – Deputy Director, Southeastern Region Office, Network for Public Health Law
  • Myra Selby, JD – Partner, Ice Miller
  • Ruqaiijah Yearby, JD, MPH – Professor, Center for Health Law Studies, William C. Wefel Center for Employment Law, St. Louis University School of Law; Executive Director and Co-Founder, Institute for Healing Justice and Equity

AHLA Program Sessions and Webinars

Access to Care and Health Care Disparities (Academic Medical Centers and Teaching Hospitals Institute, January 26, 2021) - Access Recording

Health Equity in Clinical Trials (February 11, 2021) - Purchase Recording
This on-demand webinar addresses health equity issues in research and clinical trials and the need for better representation and involvement of underrepresented groups.

Diversity in the Health Care Workforce and Taking Stock of the Legal Risks After COVID-19 (February 9, 2021) - Purchase Recording
The discussion focuses on the knowledge gained and the changes made in the months since the pandemic started, and how recent developments, such as new Department of Labor regulations issued September 11, affect who qualifies for emergency paid sick leave and other benefits covered by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and other existing laws.

Disproportionate Impact of COVID-19 on Minority Populations (January 27, 2021) - Purchase Recording
This on-demand webinar discusses some of the potential reasons for the disproportionate impact—access to testing, treatment, and information; longstanding mistrust of health care institutions; lack of health care fluency or advocacy; and adoption (or lack thereof) of telemedicine modalities—and potential ramifications for failing to address these differences.

What Hospitals Need to Know About Disparities in Women’s and Maternal Health Care After COVID (January 12, 2021) - Purchase Recording
Causes of morbidity and mortality for women, expectant mothers, and babies are complex and include lack of consistent access to comprehensive care and persistent racial and economic disparities in health and health care. During this pandemic, vulnerable populations face heightened risk due to the social, economic, and clinical complexities of managing the spread and treatment of infectious disease. This on-demand webinar provides an overview of recent legislative and regulatory actions and proposals, how they may develop, and what they may mean for providers and patients in this time of pandemic.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Health Law Bar: Intentional Partnerships (December 3, 2020) - Purchase Recording
This on-demand webinar dives into the data that demonstrates the long-standing and ongoing inequities in our profession and the history of DEI efforts in both large and small private practices and in-house legal departments. We will explore the differences between well-intended programs and intentional programs that are specifically designed to drive meaningful progress. Participants will come away with practical strategies to partner and be catalysts for DEI in our profession.

Call for Topics

AHLA is issuing a call for volunteers to propose topics on the law as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion in health care, for program sessions, webinars, articles, podcasts, and more. Submit a topic and help lead the conversation. 

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