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June 2020    Volume 13 Issue 3
Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law

Preparing Health Care Providers for a COVID-19 Vaccine

  • June 01, 2020
  • Brian Dean Abramson


Even as the COVID-19 pandemic places intense stress on both American health care providers and legal institutions, one area of law is uniquely poised to chart the way out of this crisis: vaccine law. The single most effective thing that can be done to bring an end to the sicknesses and deaths that mark the occurrence of a pandemic is the development and deployment of an effective vaccine. Although it will be many months before a COVID-19 vaccine is ready for distribution to the public, when available, such a vaccine will have an immediate impact on the practice of medicine and the legal liabilities of both individual and institutional health care providers. Attorneys advising such individuals and entities should take time now to prepare for the legal issues that will ultimately arise once a vaccine is available.


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