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Awards and Recognition

Fellows Program Eligibility Requirements

The Fellows Program has grown to be a collection of some of AHLA's most talented and illustrious members.  Fellows have distinguished themselves both in the practice of their health law knowledge and skills, and in their contributions to AHLA.  The number of members selected each year for this honor varies.

+AHLA Fellows  

Award Nomination Criteria:   

  • Sustained membership in AHLA for 15 years or more
  • Sustained practice in health law or in a health-related profession for 15 years or more 
  • Demonstrates professional acumen as one of the top health law professionals in their community
  • Consistently high level of service to AHLA, i.e., governance support, mentorship, leadership, program planning, speaking, writing, etc

Nomination process  

A call for Fellows is open year round and includes information about eligibility and selection criteria.  Members who meet the criteria and have been out of AHLA leadership for at least one year can submit a summary of their AHLA and health law activities.  Members may also provide names of other potential candidates. Those recommended by a colleague are also asked to submit a summary of their AHLA and health law activities.

Judging Panel  

The Fellows Coordinating Council (FCC) serves as the panel and is responsible for receiving and reviewing candidate submission forms.  The FFC recommendations are advanced to the Nominating Committee for consideration.  A final slate is submitted to the Board of Directors in April of each year.

The Board elects the new Fellows, and the incoming Fellows class is recognized in June.

+Submit a Candidate Request Form or Nominate a Colleague