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AHLA Publishes Second Edition of Corporate Practice of Medicine: A 50 State Survey

  • January, 03, 2020

Published by the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA), the second edition of Corporate Practice of Medicine: A 50 State Survey addresses this complex regulatory sector. Corporate Practice of Medicine (CPOM) application is far from simple, and adoption and enforcement vary by state. States adopt various models—with exceptions—and others eliminate the prohibition completely, while some states have CPOM prohibitions that are not enforced.

In the latest edition of this popular guide, the authors have expanded coverage to include an even broader range of health care professionals. You will find the latest information on practice restrictions by state as they relate to: behavioral health providers, chiropractors, optometrists, and more.

“Typically, when researching the Corporate Practice of Medicine doctrine, researchers will need to review a tangled web of statutes, regulations, case law, and attorney general or agency opinions to gain useful insight,” comments Glenn P. Prives, Chair, AHLA Business Law and Governance Practice Group, and Of Counsel, McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, LLP. “Luckily for our members, the second edition authors have provided a time-saving roadmap.”

Corporate Practice of Medicine: A 50 State Survey is available to order through AHLA’s store on the LexisNexis website for both members of AHLA and the broader health law professionals community.

For a high-resolution image of the book cover, editor/author headshots, or interview inquiries, please contact AHLA.

Second Edition Editors

Andrew G. Jack, Glenn P. Prives, Jed A. Roher, and Joel C. Rush

Second Edition Authors

Kelsey Anderson, Carole M. Becker, Scott Bennett, Elise Dunitz Brennan, Matthew M. Brohm, Stacey L. Callaghan, Brad Cave, Ali Deatherage, Dana Dombey, Richard Eiler, Maura Fleming, Arthur J. Fried, Megan R. George, Paulina Grabczak, Maleaka Guice, Jesse D. Hale, M. Brian Hall IV, Gabriel Hamilton, Dawn R. Helak, Jennifer L. Hilliard, Breanne L. Hitchen, Marshall E. Jackson, Jr., Ellen L. Janos, Amanda Jester, David H. Johnson, Robert J. Johnston, Jeffrey L. Kapp, John W. Kaveney, Richard G. Korman, Kristin E. Laubach, Leonard Lipsky, Robert Low, Carrie Noonan, Cassandra L. Paolillo, Tristan A. PotterStrait, Brianna Powell, Kathleen M. Premo, Elena M. Quattrone, Russell C. Ramzel, Chelsea Rogers, Jane Rugg, Kevin J. Ryan, Elizabeth Scarola, Shine Chen Schattgen, Tricia Shackelford, Parampreet Singh, Melissa A. Soliz, Cori Casey Turner, Nina Wall, Li Wang, Kyle D. Weber, Esther Chang Weese, and Renee Zerbonia