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Innovative Tech: A Health Law Resource Bundle

  • February, 26, 2019

The speed of technological change continues to accelerate. Each change brings legal implications that the health law profession must evaluate in order to advise clients on how best to adopt, manage, and master these new advances. Innovative Tech: A Health Law Resource Bundle aims to help the greater health law community understand some of the key technological changes that are reshaping the health care landscape for the future. Included in this resource are two AHLA program sessions, two AHLA webinars, and a substantial AHLA Practice Group briefing addressing the following technological innovations:

  • Blockchain (2018 Program audio, slides, and paper)
    • What is blockchain and how does it work?
    • How might it be used in health care?
    • What are the legal hurdles?
  • Artificial Intelligence (2018 Program audio, slides, and paper)
    • What is AI?
    • What are AI’s limitations and potential for health care?
    • What legal and policy issues must adopting entities consider?
  • Telemedicine (2018 Webinar audio and slides)
    • What is telemedicine and how do the current models work?
    • What are the regulatory considerations and enforcement risks?
    • How can these problems be solved?
  • 3D and Bio-printing (2019 Webinar audio and slides)
    • Is a 3D-printed device a medical device regulated by the FDA?
    • How does products liability apply in the contents of 3D-printed products?
    • What are the top ten enforcement concerns for the academic medical center?
  • Connected Devices (2018 70-page Health Information Technology Practice Group Briefing)
    • How are connected devices used in health care?
    • What are the security and regulatory risks?
    • What are the best practices for mitigating those risks?

“Legislators are beginning to address the effect of telehealth on the patient-provider-payer relationship. With emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, experts are just beginning to assess the legal implications,” remarks Kara Kinney Cartwright, Senior Legal Editor, Acquisitions and Product Development. “This resource bundle is designed to help attorneys anticipate and address the questions their clients will be asking about the use of innovative technologies in health care.”

The Innovative Tech: A Health Law Resource Bundle can be purchased at the AHLA Bookstore.