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AHLA Publishes Third Edition of Health Law Watch

  • August, 17, 2021

Published by AHLA, the third edition of Health Law Watch continues to serve as a quick reference on the ten most important issues in health law right now. This new, expanded edition will also stimulate readers’ strategic thinking on the most difficult challenges facing the health care industry. Contents include:

Chapter 1 Disparities in Health Care: The Pandemic’s Lessons for Health Lawyers
Chapter 2 Corporate and Transactional Considerations for Health Care Entities in Financial Distress
Chapter 3 Human Subjects Research in Clinical Trials During the Pandemic
Chapter 4 Proliferation of Health Care Data: Navigating Interoperability and Data Sharing Opportunities and Challenges
Chapter 5 Fraud Enforcement in the Digital Arena—Electronic Health Records
Chapter 6 Federal Preemption of State Health Care Regulation
Chapter 7 Post-Pandemic Telehealth Arrangements: Established Authority, Changing Requirements, and Industry Volatility
Chapter 8 State Drug Transparency Laws: Considerations for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Chapter 9 Mental Health Parity and Trends in Post-Pandemic Behavioral Health Care
Chapter 10 Legal and Regulatory Waivers and Immunities in the Context of COVID-19

“These chapters, authored by member experts, provide health law professionals the big picture view they need to stay up to date,” comments Robert Anderson, AHLA’s Senior Director of Publishing. “In this new edition, health lawyers share their deep insight on the legal challenges  highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Health Law Watch is available to order through AHLA’s store on the LexisNexis website for both members of AHLA and the broader health law professionals community.

2021 Edition Authors

Ranee Adipat, Alan J. Brudner, Colin Callahan, Samuel (Sammy) M. Chang, Danielle Pelfrey Duryea, Jeff Dutson, Deborah Farringer, Andrea Frey, Jeremy A. Gunn, Clint Hermes, Nicole Huberfeld, Heath Roosevelt Ingram, Travis Jackson, Cathryn (Cat) Johns, Karen Mandelbaum, Torrey McClary, Elaine Naughton, LaRae’ Neal, Delphine O’Rourke, Jorge L. Rivera-Agosto, Christopher C. Sabis, Angelique Salib, Elizabeth (Beth) Scarola, Alaap Shah, Jeremy Sherer, Thomas J. Sullivan, and Ruqaiijah Yearby