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AHLA Announces the Development of the Reproductive Health Law Hub

  • September, 08, 2022

Washington, D.C. – The Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson has redefined the delivery of reproductive health care across the country. Health law professionals are facing evolving legal issues as they advise their clients on this important topic. To help health law professionals navigate the shifting legal landscape, AHLA is pleased to announce a new Reproductive Health Law Hub that provides one-stop access to all our educational offerings.

Hub Visitors can expect to find information surrounding reproductive health law news and information in the following mediums: articles, national news, podcasts, webinars, journal articles, book publications, and more.

“The decision to create this new Health Law Hub was easy for all involved,” said David S. Cade, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of AHLA. “The implications of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision have greatly impacted reproductive health, and we knew our members would need the most current information surrounding this topic. We are excited to launch this new Hub as we continue to provide the best educational resources surrounding health law topics to our members and colleagues in the health law community.”  

The Reproductive Health Law Hub offers health law professionals real-time information about laws surrounding reproductive health in the United States.