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Awards and Recognition

Presidential Citations Eligibility Requirements

Presidential Citations

Presidential Citations recognize individuals who have demonstrated leadership and mentorship that impacted the Association’s success during the President’s term.

Awarded by Patricia A. Markus, 2023-2024 President

These individuals are being recognized for playing an important role during President Markus' tenure. Whether it was offering guidance, mentorship, friendship, providing support, or sharing the love of wine, these individuals helped Trish accomplish her goals and serve AHLA in the best way possible.  

Brian Dobbins:  for his loving support, unparalleled bunny dad skills, and wearing the WBF shirt in public.

Marilyn Lamar:  for her ongoing mentorship, fabulous wit, and excellent perspective.

Robert L. Wilson, Jr.:  for his dependability, career mentorship, and following his instincts.

Anne Hoover:  for her can-do spirit, friendship, and proficiency.

Amy Leopard:  for her sunny attitude, persistence, and shared love of wine.

Examples of Criteria used when awarding Presidential Citations:

  • Gives extraordinary mentorship, support, or assistance to the President during their tenure.
  • Is an early career professional, new member, or emerging leader who is actively engaged in AHLA activities.
  • Contributed substantive, quality thought leadership through writing or speaking for AHLA.
  • Provides strong mentorship to other AHLA members.
  • Contributes to a workgroup or team that helps to advance AHLA’s mission.
  • Belongs to AHLA and a specialty bar association and leverages those affiliations to benefit both organizations and serve health law professionals who are underrepresented in the profession.
  • A new AHLA member who provided exemplary service to the Association in their first year.

Nomination and Selection

The President of AHLA extends these awards at their own discretion.