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May 20, 2022   

State Health Care Fraud Law Toolkit: 50-State Survey with Summaries and Links

This Survey is brought to you by AHLA's Fraud and Abuse Practice Group.
  • May 20, 2022

AHLA's updated Fraud and Abuse 50-State Survey summarizes the fraud and abuse statutes, regulations, and other pertinent authorities for each state. Most states have specific laws and regulations on these subjects, and while many are similar and often borrow from federal authorities, each state uses its own terminology and thresholds for governmental oversight. This updated survey aims to make the process of legal research more efficient and to serve as a primer for those new to fraud law. A summary of laws and regulations are provided in the following general categories (some states may include additional categories):

  • Anti-Kickback
  • Prohibitions on Self-Referral
  • False Claims & Fraud and Abuse
  • General Whistleblower Protections
  • Anti-Rebate & Fee Splitting
  • Helpful Links

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