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2022 Top Ten Issues in Health Law Podcast Series

Top Ten 2022

This special 10-part series, based on January's "Top Ten Issues in Health Law 2022" article in Health Law Connections magazine, brings together thought leaders from across the industry to delve deeper into the top ten issues of 2022.

1. Surprise Billing and Hospital Price Transparency

Bob Paskowski, Principal, PYA, speaks to Benjamin Fee, Attorney, Hall Render, about the implementation and enforcement of the hospital price transparency requirements one year after they were enacted by CMS, as well as the requirements related to the No Surprises Act (NSA), which went into effect on January 1. They discuss the provider industry’s readiness to implement the NSA’s provisions and what to expect from the industry as more provisions roll out in 2022.

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2. Provider M&A Faces New Antitrust Headwinds

Michael Ramey, Principal, PYA, speaks with Lisl Dunlop, Partner, Axinn, about the shifting dynamics in federal antitrust enforcement under the Biden Administration. They discuss new factors that the government is considering related to enforcement, the dynamics between federal and state enforcement efforts, the potential for increased review of prior consummated transactions, and the consequences of a “Whole-of-Government Competition Policy” approach.

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3. Pandemic-Related Enforcement and Oversight

Tynan Kugler, Principal, PYA, speaks with Jody Rudman, Office Managing Partner, Husch Blackwell LLP, about enforcement efforts related to the relief, assistance, and monetary protections for U.S. businesses, health care systems, and providers under the CARES Act. They discuss best practices for hospitals and health systems as they prepare for potential government audits and tips and tricks to stay abreast of any changes to guidance and new regulations.

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4. Health Care Workforce Employment Law Issues to Watch

Lori Foley, Office Managing Principal, PYA, speaks with Shalyn Smith McKitt, Attorney, Balch & Bingham LLP, about the major employment law issues currently facing the health care workforce. They discuss the Supreme Court’s recent decision on vaccine mandates, COVID-19 exposure liability for employers, challenges related to staffing shortages, and the rise in whistleblower cases related to the pandemic.

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5. Ransomware—Considerations When System Access Exceeds the Value of the (Digital) Assets

Barry Mathis, Principal, PYA, speaks with Nathan A. Kottkamp, Partner, Williams Mullen, about the steps that entities should take to prepare for ransomware attacks and the main components of any response plan. They discuss the importance of speed when addressing ransomware attacks, considerations involving whether or not to pay a ransom, and navigating OCR guidance.

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6. The Health Care Workforce IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility)

Mouzhan Mangum, Principal and Chief Operating Officer, PYA, speaks with Tiffany Buckley-Norwood, Associate Counsel, Employment, Trinity Health, about the benefits of diversity in the health care workplace and industry. They discuss how defining diversity can help employers achieve equity, effective ways to use diversity statistics, and steps that individuals can take to improve diversity in their organizations and communities.

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7. Securing the Supply Chain for Health Care Providers

Michael Ramey, Principal, PYA, speaks with Sarah Swank, Counsel, Nixon Peabody LLP, and Michael Herald, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer, Guardian Healthcare, about the supply chain distribution challenges that providers have faced during the pandemic. They discuss tips for providers navigating agency regulations, how providers are shifting their approaches to supply chain issues, and changes and opportunities that providers should prepare for.

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8. Behavioral Health Transactions Outlook

Jane Jerzak, Consulting Principal, PYA, speaks with Purvi Maniar, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP, about the key behavioral health impacts related to the pandemic. They discuss how the market and government have responded to the current mental health crisis, the role of private equity in the integration of physical and mental health and market consolidation, and the landscape of post-pandemic behavioral health care.

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9. Towards A Common Definition for Value-Based Arrangements

Martie Ross, Office Managing Principal, PYA, speaks with Tiana Korley, University of Michigan Office of the General Counsel, about how providers are pursuing value-based arrangements under the new AKS value-based safe harbors and Stark Law value-based exceptions. They discuss the role of fraud and abuse laws in a value-based world and take a deeper dive into some of the specifics of the rules.

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10. COVID Is a Catalyst for APP Expansion

Valerie Rock, Principal, PYA, speaks with Robin Locke Nagele, Principal, Post & Schell PC, about the expansion of Advanced Practice Professionals (APPs) during the pandemic. They discuss the ways in which the pandemic allowed APPs to advance as an industry, challenges for APPs in the post-pandemic environment, and the path forward for APPs seeking to capitalize on gains made during the pandemic.

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This special 10-part podcast series is based on the "Top Ten Issues in Health Law 2022" article, featured in the January 2022 issue of Health Law Connections.

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